a traveler from an antique land (babybokal) wrote in moh_therrr,
a traveler from an antique land


Ok, so. Yesterday my mom went out to work and told me some stuff to do around the house. As she was walking out the door she said, "Oh, and it'd be really helpful if you could get the laundry done today, so we don't have to do it tomorrow." (Sunday is laundry day and I'm the one who does the laundry in our house.) So I figure, she means I should get the laundry done before I leave the house, which is at 5:00. So I throw the towels in the machine and start bugging my brother to bring his clothes to the hamper to get washed. Of course he complains, "Why aren't you doing it tomorrow?" No matter how many times I tell him, I can't do it tomorrow, Mom will get mad, I'm going to be out of the house tomorrow, he refuses to bring his clothes. So I shrug it off and decide to bug him about it a little later, when my parents are home and can back me up. So at about 2:00 Mom comes home--and proceeds to FLY OFF THE HANDLE that the laundry isn't done. Apparently "getting the laundry done today" is equivalent to "getting the laundry done before she gets back," which is a difference of oh, let's see...three hours?

Gah. I know my mother's wonderful, but sometimes she just doesn't get it.
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