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Quick question...

Yes, this community is sort of dead and such but....does anyone elses Mum talk to the REFRIGERATOR?

I ask out of pure statistical curiosity, of course.

(conversations currently happening)

"Oh well, do you have anything else? Really? Oh, that's dead. INTO THE GARBAGE! Oooh, what's this? YOU KILLED IT! MY ORANGES! Aaaand, oh. Well. I think theres food under this mould...ah. Garbage? No, no it looks salvageble. I think we can keep this. Can we keep this? Well, you know, they say if in doubt, toss it out. The chutney is DEAD. Long live the chutney! It needs to go out onto Queen Street with the perps. Let them feast on my dead chutney.
*singing now* Don't cook tonight, have chicken delight!"

"Are you talking to the fridge?"
"The fridge loves me. It provides me with food. We have a relationship."
"Ah. And you're...."
"Singing to it."
"Mish? Are you typing this up online?"
"Um. Noooo......."
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